Friday, 2 January 2015

5 tips for a healthier, stronger, fitter, leaner you in 2015

2015 is upon us! Put these 5 tips into your regular routine for a healthier, stronger, fitter, leaner you this year.

Set a solid goal
You'd be surprised how often I have this conversation with people...

Me: "so what are you trying to achieve Mr X?"
Mr X: " well, err, just looking to get fitter really"
After another 10 minutes of digging around, something like this usually comes out...
Mr X: "I've got a beach holiday in 6 months and I'd really like to lose 10lbs and work on my chest"

There it is!

So set a clear, SMART goal that motivates you, and work towards it with laser guided focus. Without a destination you don't know where you're going.

Make mobility part of your everyday routine 
Keeping on top of regular soft tissue work is so important for sustained performance and faster recovery. Use tools like foam rollers, massage balls, voodoo compression bands and jump stretch bands to improve mobility and relieve any minor aches and pains. I'm taking it that seriously this year, I've planned in 2 random mobility drills everyday on my calander, with 2 days a week reserved for working on problem areas. 

Record your workouts
Results are born from progression. Therefor it is paramount you're progressing your reps, sets, weights etc. to achieve the desired training effect. I'm yet to meet a person that can remember every weight, rep range, tempo, exercise, set and rest period from the previous session. 

Skip carbs at breakfast
Carbs release serotonin. A calming neurotransmitter within the body. This could put you in a sleepy mood, I'm sure you'll agree not an ideal way to start the day. Go for a high protein/moderate fat combo for sustained blood sugar levels right up to lunch.

Spike your drinking water during your workouts with electrolyte powder
You're a wet, moving organism. If your tissues are dehydrated they will dry up like tinder for a campfire, become sticky and prevent your body from moving in optimal range. With dehydration comes a decrease in work capacity by up to 30%. Prevent this from happening by spiking your intra-workout drink with electrolytes.