Saturday, 17 November 2012

Shoulders and arms EDT workout

Here’s my shoulders and arms EDT workout, with a little bit of ‘core’ work thrown in at the end for good measure. You may be thinking, just one exercise for shoulders? But trust me, it’s fried my delts! Besides if you push the pace during the 20 minute work period you can easily get 8+ sets per exercise in.

First 20 minute time frame
A: standing fat gripz barbell military press
B: seated dumbbell shrugs

second 20 minute time frame
A: fat gripz dumbbell curl
B: straight bar cable press down
First 10 minute time frame
A: kettlebell get-up
B: back extension

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Legs EDT workout

Warning! This one’s not for the physically and mentally weak!
For a quick summary on what EDT actually is:
·         pick 2 exercises per 20 minute time frame
·         perform 2 x 20 minute time frame per workout
·         alternate between each one, resting only when you need to
·         don’t change the weight during the 20 minute time frame (so pick a sensible weight)
·         aim for 8-12 reps each set for hypertrophy

First 20 minute time frame
A: barbell hack squat
B: reverse hyperextension
Second 20 minute time frame
A: stiff legged Romanian deadlift
B: dumbbell lunge
10 minute time frame
A: hanging leg raise
B: seated medicine ball twist

Next EDT session is shoulders and arms, so keep your eyes peeled for that post over the next few days...if you survive! ;)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Chest and back EDT workout

verb: become or cause to become more intense or serious
noun: the degree of compactness of a substance
noun: the action of undertaking a course of exercise in preparation for a sporting event

Escalating density training, or EDT for short, isn’t for the faint hearted! It’s fast paced, fatiguing and sweat inducing. If your goal is lean muscle mass it won’t disappoint! 

I’ve touched on density training before check it out here:

EDT, which was originally explored by Charles Staley, is a similar approach to the density training I’ve discussed. The only difference is you pick 2 exercises per 20 minute time frame and perform 2 x 20 minute time frames per workout. Alternate between the 2 exercises in the 20 minute period aiming for 8-12 reps (for hypertrophy) and rest as and when you need to. I’ve also added an extra 10 minute time frame at the end of each session where I train smaller muscle groups such as abs and calves.

There are two great things about this training protocol. Firstly you can guarantee you’ll be in and out of the gym within an hour. Secondly it’s so easy to see if you’ve progressed. Performed more total reps in the 20 minute time frame than last time? Congratulations you’ve progressed!

Here’s my chest, back and calves EDT workout. I’ll be posting the others as and when I get to them.

First 20 minute time frame:

A: fat gripz incline dumbbell press
B: bent over barbell row

Second 20 minute time frame:

A: cable flye
B: pull- up

10 minute time frame:

A: standing calf raise
B: tibialis anterior dumbbell extension