Sunday, 27 November 2011

The lean bulk (supplements)

So, day 1 of my ‘lean bulk’ has arrived and I’m itching to get back in the gym after a long and lazy week of resting. In this post I’ll talk you through the supplements I am going to be using over the next 10 weeks to aid in my recovery, strength and general health. Most importantly I’ll tell you WHY I’m taking them! Without further ado, here they are…

What? (pictured from left to right)
Whey protein
 - 20g  whey between breakfast and lunch
- 20g whey between lunch and dinner
- 30g whey in post workout shake
Weeks 1-10
Protein is necessary for muscle growth and repair. Whey is relatively fast digesting making it ideal to bridge the gap between meals and immediately after your workout.
Waxy maize starch
100g of carbs (approx. 3x70cc scoops) in post workout shake
Weeks 1-10
It’s a very fast acting, rapidly absorbed carbohydrate. Perfect for shuttling important nutrients back into the muscle and replenishing your depleted muscle glycogen levels.
Omega 3’s
8 x 1000mg per day (2 caps with meals)
Weeks 1-10
In my opinion one of the most underrated supplements you can take for muscle building. They are necessary for general health and well-being, prevention of cardiovascular disease, joint recovery after a hard training session, concentration, fat loss… the list could go on…. 
1 x 50mg capsule with breakfast
Weeks 1-10
Intense workouts increase your need for this essential mineral. It’s vital for a healthy immune system, enzyme functions and reproductive health.
Vitamin D3
50,0000iu twice a week
Weeks 1-10
Most people know this vitamin can be made in the body via sunlight, but do you really think you get enough sunlight to produce optimum levels? Its needed for improved bone strength and density, blood sugar regulation, depression, shortened symptoms of cold/flu, weight loss and most importantly muscle mass and strength!   
Protein matrix
1 scoop pre- bed (23g protein)
Weeks 1-10
Protein is necessary for muscle growth and repair. This product is a blend of different proteins meaning they break down at different speeds. Perfect for a timed realise over night while I sleep.
Kre-alkayln (PH correct creatine)
2 caps with breakfast, 2 caps pre-training
Weeks 6-9
Creatine has changed the face of sports supplementation over the last 10 years, probably because it actually works! Creatine is known for muscle strength, size, power and increased work capacity. With the PH correct creatine it doesn’t convert to creatinine in liquids (stomach etc.) before reaching the muscle. This means you get all the benefits without needing a loading phase and feeling bloated. You also only need as little as 1-3g a day as opposed to the 5-10g of monohydrate. So it could save you money.
L-leucine (not pictured)
3-5g in post workout shake
Weeks 1-10
L-leucine is an essential amino acid meaning it cannot be made in the body and must be consumed through food. It is sometimes known as the initiation amino acid, meaning it ‘turns on’ protein synthesis. Without enough of this amino acid in your blood stream your muscle building efforts may be shattered.

In my next post I will cover the workouts in phase 1 of the training J