Sunday, 12 August 2012

American Football inspired programme 'wrap-up'

First off allow me to apologise for the delayed update! I’ve been away on a short holiday and I’ve just generally had a lot going on. Never the less, I’ve worked very hard on this programme for 6 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  In this post I’m just going to give a quick run down of how I thought the programme went, what I enjoyed, what didn’t enjoy etc.  
Let’s start with the bad news. The only major issue to me with this programme was that I didn’t enjoy making the contrast from intense compound workout incorporating very hard technical exercises like the snatch and clean to an arms workout. From an aesthetic point of view it’s great and it helped to keep and develop a balanced physique, but mentally I just couldn’t get in the zone to switch during the week.  Try it, you might find it different.

The good news is that I achieved my goal of wanting to snatch 60KG. When I worked up to 50KG and 55KG I was very doubtful 60KG was ever going to go up, but hard work and a positive mental outset worked a treat! I’ve always noticed these entire compound workouts involving a lot of muscle groups help to develop muscle whilst reducing fat simultaneously (it’s a slow process, but yes it can be done given a good diet and enough rest). Physically I felt more explosive and powerful during and after I had completed the 6 week programme. If you need reminding of the actual workout plans, check out this link
 So what next? Well I’ve enjoyed this sports inspired programme a lot and don’t fancy going back to a typical bodybuilding weekly split just yet. After the Olympic hype I’m feeling a sprint inspired programme? Aimed at increasing muscle, reducing body fat and increasing sprinting speed? Maybe titled ‘Becoming Bolt’? Watch this space…..