Thursday, 6 September 2012

Becoming Bolt: supplements

For those that were interested in the sort of supplements I am stacking together and why I’m using them during my ‘Becoming Bolt’ sprint inspired workout plan, here you go…

To be honest, most of these supplements (with the exception of a few) I use all year round. So if you’ve read some of my other blog posts on supplements you’ll notice a few familiar faces.

Before I give you a quick run down of what I’m taking and why, remember, your supplement regime is only as good as your diet.

Whey protein
3 x 30 gram servings a day between meals. (1 of those servings post workout)
Protein is vital for muscle growth, development and recovery. Its also used in the production of hormones, enzymes and immune system components
Waxy maize starch
100g serving immediately post workout
A fast acting carb, ideal post workout to replenish depleted muscle glycogen levels
Milk protein
40g serving pre-bed
Milk protein contains high levels of casein protein (very slow digesting) making it ideal to keep you fuelled over night whilst you sleep
Omega 3
2 capsules with a meal, 4 times a day
Helps with brain function, joint and muscle health. Taking with meals will help control insulin levels
Vitamin D3
2500iu with breakfast
Bone health, muscle power and strength, blood sugar regulation, brain health, reproductive health. The list could go on…
3000mg serving with various meals 1-2 times a day
(normally I take them with meals that are lacking protein. For example the other day I had a peanut butter sandwich, so the BCAA caps made a great addition to the snack)
Great for increasing the branch chain amino acid content of a meal. BCAA’s are vital for muscle growth and development
5g post workout (or during the day), 5 g pre bed
Great for its ability to prevent muscle catabolism, assist with growth and recovery, boost your immune levels and could help increase HGH levels
1 serving pre-bed
Promotes a deeper, restful sleep. In turn this could help with increasing HGH levels, lowering cortisol, and help with recovery