Sunday, 26 January 2014

How to: flip a tyre

Tyre flipping is a great muscle building, fat burning and strength building conditioning tool. It's tough work, but great fun at the same time. It's often performed incorrectly, and a sure way to put your back out! Here's my quick step by step guide teaching you how to perform it correctly.

Step 1: start position. Pointers here are low hips. Do not attempt to pick the tyre up with your biceps as a tear can easily result. Think about trying to drive forward through the tyre as you make the initial launch.

Step 2: triple extension phase after the hip drive

Step 3: next up comes the transition phase with a powerful knee drive. Keep thinking about driving forward through the tyre.

Step 4: next is the catch position. You need to make sure you catch the tyre with your arms bent, as this leads onto the next phase.

Step 5: last but least, you finish the movement with a powerful arm drive. This should see the tyre fall  on to the other side. Start from step 1 and repeat for reps, distance, time etc.