Saturday, 15 March 2014

Arms 5x5

Following on from my last post on 5x5 training, here's my arms routine I've been following. It's a great well balanced session that will improve your strength and size on the elbow flexors and extensors. Give it a go!...

It's worth mentioning I used fatgripz on the seated dumbell curls, to increase the dumbell handle width. This will recruit more motor units. With the dips aim to keep your torso up as straight as you can to focus on the triceps. Leaning over and into it will shift the emphasis onto your chest. I also had a few questions regarding exercise 2A. Scott bench reverse curls are great for targeting the brachialis, which is a ball shape muscle that lies between the bicep and tricep on the outer arm. Unfortunately the forearm work I did isn't pictured.