Saturday, 23 August 2014

2 factors for long term success

Long gone are the days where your trainer would have you believe you need to eat plain tuna and rice out of a tupperware box every day for every meal to see a result! Moderation and consistency are key! These two factors are extremely important and often overlooked if you're after long term progress.
You need to get your mindset into longterm thinking. You need to accept that you may be working towards a 3 month goal, however the journey will not end there. For long term success and ongoing results, consistency is your best friend. To me, the ultimate fitness professional sets an example - they practise what they preach. In my eyes that's moderation. I can live my life how I want and I look how I want....And besides no one envies the trainer that lives on plain tuna and rice out of a Tupperware box 6 times a day!