Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Bulk like Ben Affleck pt.1

Who's seen the latest pics of Ben Affleck's transformation for his upcoming role as batman? Well if you haven't here's one....

Pretty impressive eh? He's certainly bulked out with some superhero worthy muscle mass! For those wondering how he's done it look no further. Now just to clarify I don't know for sure what Bens trainer had him doing, but it was probably something like this...

Following the 1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8,9-10 protocol.

1-2 muscle groups per session
Focusing on 1-2 muscle groups per session allows you to really stimulate the fibres for optimal growth.

3-4 workouts a week
3-4 sessions a week is plenty enough for the natural trainer. A 3 day split over 4 training days allows you to train a muscle group every 5 days which is perfect. 

This could look like:
Session 1: chest and back 
Session 2: legs 
Session 3: shoulders and arms
Session 4: repeat cycle

5-6 total exercises per workout
For example a chest and back session might look like this:

1A: Barbell bench press
1B: Pull ups
2A: Incline db press
2B: 1 arm db row
3: Back extensions

7-8 reps per exercise
7-8 reps per exercise on a 3010 tempo will be sufficent enough time under tension for gains in muscle and strength. The heavier weights will also hit the fast twitch fibres, which have most potential for growth.

9-10 total sets per muscle group 
Again this is sufficent amount of volume to work the targeted muscle fibres thoroughly, without overtraining. 

Using the above example you could do this:

1A: Barbell bench press x5 
1B: Pull ups x4
2A: Incline db press x4
2B: 1 arm db row x4
3: Back extensions x2

Chest total sets - 9
Back total sets - 10